Eastcote Park Estate is a fine example of the ‘Metroland’ Estates that were built during the 1920-1930’s along the spreading tentacles of the London Transport Underground Railway lines. Eastcote is located in the north-west of London, roughly between Harrow and Uxbridge. It is a pleasant part of the London conurbation area, the homes on Eastcote Park Estate are examples of the houses built by two builders active in the mid part of the 20th century in north London, Comben & Wakelin and Galley Homes.

There has been a great deal of change, some of it sympathetic and – sadly – some not so sympathetic, to the ideals that were implicit in the spatial layout and design of the Estate when first built. The Estate continues to benefit from larger than average plots of land, wide roads, and an abundance of greenery that make the aspect of the Estate somewhat special.

The Estate has been designated “A Conservation Area” and the London Borough of Hillingdon is supportive of preserving its Special Character when they consider planning applications.

The Eastcote Park Estate Association strives to act in the support of the Estate as a Community AND as a Conservation Area. It is not a ‘residents association’ (in the context of existing primarily as a lobbying vehicle and/or social group) but an Estate Association concerned primarily with the environment and overall appearance of the Estate. That said, the EPEA does support a modest social calendar for the benefit of forging and maintaining the community relationships that are so often missing in the fast-paced society of today!

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