Objectives & Profile

The Objectives of the EPEA

The objects of the Association shall be to maintain, safeguard and improve the amenities of the residents of Eastcote Park Estate and surrounding areas and to protect and further in every legitimate manner their interests in all matters affecting them as a body.

The Association shall be non-political and non-sectarian.

EPEA Profile

The EPEA is not a ‘Resident’s Association’ per se, although it exists to further the collective interests of the residents who live within the area covered by the Estate’s geography.  The primary focus is upon the protection of the environment and visual aspect of the Estate – not preserving it without consideration for need for sympathetic development, but ensuring that the visual amenity that ‘belongs’ to the collective population of the Estate is not compromised. Second to that is the social activity calendar, which provide a number of opportunities for residents to meet and socialise with each other, so fostering a community spirit and, hopefully, consideration for each other!

The EPEA also facilitates the local Neighbourhood Watch group, and is complementary too, not in competition with, the Eastcote Residents Association, which is concerned with the greater environment of the whole of Eastcote. The EPEA also supports and co-operates with the Old Eastcote Village Conservation Society.

The Committee and Officers (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer), elected annually to their Honorary positions at the Annual General Meeting of the EPEA – held each May, are all volunteers and greatly appreciated! As are the network of Road Stewards who help with the distribution of Newsletters and other communications and the collection of subscriptions.