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Project Killdeer
“The MPS are currently running Project Killdeer which aims to raise awareness concerning illegal street collectors and attempts to ensure that charitable contributions reach the causes that they are intended for.
It is estimated that £147 million is lost to charities through fraud each year.
Quick and simple points to note for when you next contribute to a charity street collection.
Street Collectors


All charity collection bucket/tins MUST:
1) Display the name of the charity on the bucket/tin.
2) Be securely sealed.
The collector must be in possession of written authority from the charity and also a permit issued by the MPS. If they do not have a permit they commit an offence.
There are only certain days of the month that collections are allowed to take place and each charity is only allowed to collect once per year in any given local authority area. Therefore, if you see the same person collecting for the same charity more than once a month, they probably haven’t got a permit!
N.B. Train stations are subject to different legislation and hence the above does not apply
Details of current permits issued by the MPS Charities office are published on
the MPS website ( This website also covers other types of charitable collections. charity commission website (

In most cases the charities will be registered. This can be checked on the
Should you feel that the charity street collectors are committing an offence please contact your local policing team.”
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