EPEA History

An introduction to the EPEA and its history:

The first houses that began the development of Eastcote Park Estate were built in 1934. By 1937 the Estate was well on the way to being the development that we know today when plans were announced that would drive a road through the Estate, to take traffic from Field End Road through to Joel Street. These plans would have involved taking as much as twelve feet of frontage away from the newly constructed homes. The residents of the time called a public meeting in August of 1937 to consider the proposals and the dislocation and loss of amenities that would be caused to the Estate. As a result, a fund was established for the briefing of legal counsel to represent the residents at a full enquiry into the proposals. The scheme was subsequently cancelled, but from this beginning the Eastcote Park Estate Association was formed with the objectives of continuing to monitor the development of the area (bearing in mind that the defining of the area as a Community was still taking place), and to foster the community spirit and neighbourliness of the Estate.

Since that time the Committee, which is elected each year, has pursued the original aims to maintain, safeguard and improve the amenities for the residents of Eastcote Park Estate and surrounding areas. As recently as late 1995, the Association was able to effectively challenge proposals to ‘back-fill’ land at the rear of Rodney Gardens by speculative developers, thereby protecting the wildlife – including several rare species of bird, butterfly and plant life – from which we all benefit   in its contribution to our local environment, as well as ensuring that the Estate’s services (drainage, sewage, road access etc.) were not overburdened. The Estate has not stood still in time entirely, of course and the original layout has been added to in recent years with the building of Robarts Close and Dovecot Close. Although such developments might have also been resisted in the interests of the environment, once built the ‘old guard’ have been quick to welcome the new residents into the neighbourhood!

The Association does not seek to interfere in the lives of the residents. It will not involve itself in issues which may arise between neighbours, for instance, or unnecessarily interject in such things as planning applications for alterations to the existing homes unless they are significantly out of character with the original design and concept of the Estate.

The Committee give their time, freely, voluntarily and with enthusiasm for the goals of maintaining the amenity of this rare example of a ‘Metroland’ Estate – which is officially designated by Hillingdon Council as being an ‘Area of Special Character’ – to provide a body and ‘voice’ to represent the views and interests of the majority of residents when required; and to contribute to local Community Spirit by the organisation of a small number of events each year, designed to provide all age groups with an opportunity to meet socially with other residents of the Estate. Our Annual General Meeting is usually held in early May.

Road Stewards gives valuable help to the Committee by collecting the nominal annual subscriptions, delivering Newsletters and acting as a conduit for the flow of information and help between residents and the Committee.

There is a long-standing tradition for residents, if they wish, to give a little extra when the subscriptions are collected. The additional amounts collected are presented annually on the resident’s behalf to local charities. Previous beneficiaries have included the Old Folk’s Association (who run Luncheon Clubs, arrange outings and home visits), the Aged People’s Housing Society (who run Brackenbridge House in Eastcote), the Sunshine School for the Blind and Deaf in Northwood and local hospitals and hospices.

We hope that you will support the work of the Association – we are here to work on your behalf and benefit! We also hope that we will see you or your family at the next social function and at the AGM, so that you will have an opportunity to let the Committee know how we can do more to preserve the amenity and environment of our homes. We like to believe that we have a special community here, both in architectural terms and in neighbourly spirit. We hope that you soon feel ‘at home’ and look forward to your participation in the life of our Estate!

Contributions wanted for the following :-

The Early Days of the EPEA – From its conception in 1937

The Middle Years – Post War to 1996

The Silver Jubilee – From the EPEA Diamond Jubilee in 1997 to date.