Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of the EPEA is normally held each May. The minutes of each meeting are approved at the following year’s AGM, having been physically distributed to the Members either just after the Meeting to which they refer, or shortly before the next.

The Minutes for the most recent meetings, one of which will be the unapproved draft for the most immediately past AGM, (subject to a delay to produce them in electronic form) will be available from here.

AGM 2017 (held 3/05/17)  Minutes of 79th AGM of the Eastcote Park Estate Association
AGM 2016 (held 12/05/16) 2016-agm-minutes
AGM 2015 (held 12/05/15)  Minutes of the Eastcote Park estate AGM held on 12th of May 2015
AGM 2014 (held 13/05/14) Minutes 76th Annual General Meeting of the Eastcote Park Estate
AGM 2013 (held 10/05/13) Minutes 75th Annual General Meeting of the Eastcote Park Estate
AGM 2012 (held 8/05/12) Minutes 74th AGM
AGM 2011 (held 9/05/11) 73rd AGM minutes
AGM 2010 (held 17/05/10) 72nd AGM minutes
AGM 2009 (held 15/05/09) 71st AGM minutes
AGM 2008 (held 15/05/08)
AGM 2007 (held 26/04/07) 69th AGM minutes
AGM 2006 (held 11/05/06) 68th AGM 26th April
AGM 2005 (held 12/05/05) 67th AGM mins
AGM 2004 (held 20/05/04) 66th AGM Minutes
AGM 2003 (held 02/05/03)
AGM 2002 (held 23/05/02) 64th_agm_mins
AGM 2001(held 15/05/01) 63rd_agm_mins
AGM 2000 (held 17/05/00) 62nd_AGM_mins